5 Tips for Your Sponsorship Program

  1. VenueTech Sponsorship Rule #1: Quality Sponsorships are relationships. Both parties give and both parties receive.
  2. As with advertising aimed at your patrons, it is essential to target the demographics of potential sponsors.
  3. Don’t give sponsorships away! The level of a sponsorship should have a commensurate relationship to the cost of the event or production. (A sponsor should not be given top billing for a $250 contribution, if the event costs $20,000 to produce.)
  4. Take care of your sponsors. Their assistance is an important factor in making your event a success. It is important to keep your sponsors happy. Follow through with your agreement to include them in your promotional and advertising materials. Be sure to provide appropriate recognition and adequate “thanks”. Remember, it is far easier to keep a sponsor from year to year than to find new sponsors for every season or event.
  5. Always remember … You don’t get, if you don’t ask.

“I would thank you from the bottom of my heart,
but for you my heart has no bottom.”
~Author Unknown

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